"Lincka's vocal and lyrics are like stardust, and feel most especially universal when she passes fluidly from Spanish to English and back again."

                - The Black Wallstreet Times

"The 20-year-old Oklahoma City singer plays with the listener a little bit too. While singing mostly in Spanish, Lincka lets loose a little English halfway through"

- Ryan LaCroix, KOSU's The Spyy

Mexican-American Artist, Lincka, has grown to become not only an acclaimed musical force in her own city, but a highly relevant act on the national stage as well. She collaborates with eclectic producer, Rat Fink (on the left) on a rotation of instruments & guitarist, Salvador Chavez (on the right,) all of whom provide a key voice in one of the most diversified yet approachable projects in pop music.

Combining vivid, textural production work with a bold cultural message, the group has proven to be one to watch. Lincka was spotlighted in NPR’s "Heavy Rotation" series for the song "Gardenias", which was one of "10 songs public radio can't stop playing." Shortly thereafter, the band embarked on a U.S. tour that included a featured performance at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. The act also holds an Oklahoma Gazette Woody Award for Best Latin Artist.

" Her unique voice and position as a bilingual pop singer helps bridge the cultural gap through music." 

- Evan Jarvix

Bilingual lyrics and danceable arrangements make the band’s songs palatable to a broad audience. Though it’s difficult to put a label on its unique sound, fans of hip-hop, surf, funk, electronic, chillwave, and, yes, Latin genres will find representation in the music’s tapestry of diverse influences.